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Half day - Local Transport Tour (Private)

When touring Mumbai via public transport, one cannot help but get a very honest and realistic image of the city. Experience Mumbai as a Mumbaikar does: travel by the famous suburban train, by bus and by taxi. Observe the millions of members of Mumbai's working class as they head out in the morning. 

In the areas we visit on the public transport tour, you will observe some of Mumbai's hardest-working labourers. We'll discover Mumbai beyond the typical tourist sites; we'll see a number of different markets and the world famous Dabbawallahs. This view of the "Maximum city" will truly give you an idea of the struggle and challenges felt by the working class, as well as a sense of their unconquerable spirit.

Go with the flow of Mumbai's people, the pulse of the city.

  • MEETING POINTS: Regal Cinema in Colaba.
  • END POINT: Churchgate train station.

Starting from
INR 5,500
3 Hours 30 Minutes
Departure schedule
23 Oct 2019, 24 Oct 2019, 25 Oct 2019, and more


DABBAWALLAHS: The dabbawallah operation is one of the most organised unwritten systems in the world. Every day, hundreds of thousands of lunches are collected from individual homes and then delivered to offices and worksites. Check out this phenomenon at Churchgate, a famous railway station in South Mumbai.

CHOR BAZAAR: One of the largest, most bustling flea markets in the whole country, Chor Bazaar (literally 'Thieves Market') sells almost anything! Taste some local sweets, take home delicious home-made pickles and chutneys or shop for a colourful vintage Bollywood film poster!

NULL BAZAARA: lively fruit, vegetable, fish and meat market. Visually impressive and full of powerful, varied smells.

DHOBI GHAT AT MAHALAXMI: See the dhobiwallahs, or washermen, scrubbing sheets from Mumbai's largest hospitals and hotels at this busy outdoor laundry area!

DADAR FLOWER MARKET: In India, flowers are used everywhere- in temples, in taxis, at home, in women's hair, and for all kinds of worship. Here, you will see more flowers in one place than you've ever seen before!

CST STATION: See one of the busiest railway stations in the country at rush hour, and the site of the terrorist attacks in November 2008. The final musical number of the award-winning "Slumdog Millionaire" was also shot here.


  • A cup of tea and a bottle of mineral water will be provided on the tour.
  • FACILITIES: There are squat toilets at various points during the tour.