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Midnight Bicycle Ride

Midnight Cycle

1st Annual Reality Midnight Cycle | A nocturnal ride across the Maximum City

Cycle from Colaba to Worli and arrive in time to witness a spectacle sunrise from the fort. Even in the quiet hours of the early morning, there’s always something to see in Mumbai  - you just need to know where to go. Marine Drive, Chowpatty Beach and Haji Ali are made even more spectacular when lit up at night. Banganga Tank, which is our guide’s favourite spot in the city, is the picture of tranquillity. We will also explore some of Mumbai’s most interesting neighbourhoods: Colaba, Malabar Hill, and Worli Koliwada. At each stop our guides will provide some fascinating tidbits about the site before continuing on. To fuel our journey, we will stop for snacks along the way and finish the ride with tea and a small breakfast.

We will have a guide for every eight people and we have room for 35 so sign up quickly to get your spot!



Cost: Rs 1,500

Timing: 00:30am

Start: Kailash Parbat Restaurant, 1st Pasta Lane (Colaba)

Finish: Worli Fort

Distance: 21 kilometres

Includes: bicycle, guide, tea, snacks

Important Note: Please note this tour starts at half past midnight in the early hours of Sunday morning! The tour finishes at sunrise on Sunday therefore.


Starting from
INR 1,600
7 Hours
Departure schedule
On request